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What is Acupuncture?

Several thousand years ago, East Asian practitioners discovered that the body forms disharmonies as a result of the various physical and mental stresses of life. Oriental medical theory explains these disharmonies as an imbalance of opposing forces called yin and yang. This imbalance disrupts the movement of the body's vital energy (qi) or "chi" along the meridian pathways, which are channels through which the body's energy is thought to flow. 

The goal of acupuncture is to regulate and reinforce this flow of qi, which in turns helps to bring the body and its systems back into a state of balance. Each treatment lasts anywhere from 20-45 minutes. Additional electrotherapy can be added if the condition calls for it. Expect to be at your first appointment for 1.5-2 hours, and follow up appointments around 1-1.5 hours.


Acupuncture returns the body to its
natural state of balance and harmony.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Yes. Acupuncture is used by millions of Americans every year. Acupuncturists are required to undergo extensive education, including detailed study of human anatomy and training in Clean Needle Technique. As required by law, I use pre-sterilized, disposable, single-use needles to ensure your complete safety.

Acupuncture - Vitality Acupuncture in Bozeman, MT 

Acupuncture meridians traverse the entire body. This intricate network of meridians carry qi both internally and externally and prevent pathogens from reaching our vital organs. By needling into acupuncture points, blockages can be removed, allowing for healing events such as pain relief and improved circulation.

Valerie Schwankl offers Acupuncture and Chinese herbs in Bozeman, MT


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