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What to Expect

Many first-time patients are concerned that acupuncture needles will feel like getting a shot, or having blood drawn, but it's quite different. Learn more >

New Patients - Vitality Acupuncture in Bozeman, MT

Your First Visit

The acupuncture intake process will involve questions about your current state of health, past illnesses, and family history, along with tongue and pulse diagnosis. Learn more >

Valerie Schwankl offers Acupuncture and Chinese herbs in Bozeman, MT

Conditions We Treat

Acupuncture works by activating the body's own healing abilities, so it can be beneficial for many health conditions. Learn More >

Vitality Acupuncture offers safe, effective Acupuncture and Chinese herbs in Bozeman, MT


New Patient Forms

Bozeman New Patient Packet

Big Sky New Patient Packet

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New Patients - Vitality Acupuncture in Bozeman, MT


Please Come Prepared:

  • Arrive 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork, unless you have printed it off from home.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing.
  • Do not brush your tongue the day of your treatment, as the tongue coating serves as a diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine.
  • Refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, or strong odors as some patients have chemical sensitivities.
  • Eat a snack or small meal a few hours before your treatment. Please do not arrive with an empty stomach.
  • Stay hydrated before and after your treatment.

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