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Your First Visit

Your first consultation is a very comprehensive medical intake which will include a question and answer session regarding your current and previous medical history. You will also have the opportunity to explore any further questions you may have about Chinese medicine at this time. Before any needles are inserted, the practitioner will spend time checking your pulse and tongue, as a way to further develop your personalized Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

Once your diagnosis is made, the appropriate supporting acupuncture points will be chosen. Very thin, solid, sterile needles will then be inserted to a safe and appropriate depth. The needles are retained anywhere from 20-45 minutes. When necessary, gua sha, cupping, moxabustion, essential oils and tui na massage may also be utilized to enhance the effects of the treatment.

This is your time to relax and breathe deeply in order to reinforce the movement of qi in your body. You are encouraged to communicate about your level of comfort with the needles, and reach out if you need assistance at any point. Each treatment room is fashioned with a call bell for you to use at any time.

Following the acupuncture, a suggested treatment plan and Chinese herbal recommendation will be given to support your diagnosis. This can be in the form of raw herbs, tinctures, capsules, granules, essential oil formulas, topical liniments, etc. Dietary and lifestyle advice, as well as Qi Gong exercises may also be offered.

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